Fuji Superia PRO-T3

Fuji Brillia HD ProT3 CtP PlateA new era in printing demands a new era in platemaking

Superia PRO-T3 is a processless plate that eliminates the processor, chemistry, gum and water used in the conventional plate production process, the plate being taken straight from the platesetter onto the press. This means PRO-T3 represents the fastest way of getting a plate on-press, and all the variables associated with processors and finishing units, including the time and labour involved with their maintenance, are eliminated.

Superia PRO-T3 at a glance:

  • Maximise the efficiency of your plate production, as PRO-T3 is maintenance-free and needs no processor, chemistry, gum or water.
  • Advanced new Fine Particle Dispersion (FPD) technology means on-press performance is improved, giving you a lightning fast start-up.
  • PRO-T3 represents the quickest route from platesetter to press for the highest productivity, as the plate is simply imaged and mounted directly
    on-press and has the same sensitivity as any other high performance plate
  • PRO-T3 delivers unbeatable 1–99% resolution and 20μm FM screening, and with no processor or chemistry required, and therefore zero maintenance, is also more consistent
  • True, eco-friendly plate production

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